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My name is Himanshu ( Yes , You can call me Dark Knight ! ) I was a Innocent Guy , Happily rated 700 on , But someone Poked The Dark Knight Inside me !

What happened was , On multiple chess servers , I improved from 700 to 2350+ ,  Since I've personally faced and solved every hurdle that comes in Breaking every Rating Barrier at 700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000-2100-2200-2300+ , I Understand and Feel what someone feels and problems they face at their Rating Barrier . For that Reason I can Claim Your Improvement and Rating Increment with Money Back Guarantee .

A lot of players watch tons of Online available Chess videos , They use Chess Engines in completely improper way which actually Harms their Chess Improvement . They buy different Video series courses and Spend hundreds of Dollars on Chess Softwares but still they struggle to improve . Why ? Because every player has their Own way of Thinking , Learning and Improving .

I have Wide Variety of Opening Repertoire , I have Best Opening , Middlegame and Endgame Books . Studying Books and Watching Videos is just 20% Fraction of Grand Scheme of Improvement . The things that you will Learn here , No Book , Video or Chess Software can Teach you .

I will Teach You All Knowledge and Experience that is needed to Break the Barrier you are Facing right now . You will Learn Best Openings and Build your Whole Opening Repertoire for Both White and Black , Best Middlegame Plans and Strategies , and Mastering the Endgame Technique . Also you will be Taught --

-- How to Master Tactics and Strategies !

-- How to Imagine/Visualize positions and Calculate without looking at the Board !

-- How to Solve Tactics and Play Games Blindfolded !

-- How to Think Brilliantly !

-- How to Come up with Creative and Genius Ideas !

-- How to use the Knowledge you acquire here as a Game Changer !

-- How to Find Best Moves and Plans !

-- How to Master Light and Dark Squares Attack and Defense !

-- How and When to Attack your Opponent , So that He can't Defend himself !

-- How to Outplay Higher Rated Opponents in Opening , Middlegame and Endgame !

-- How to Master Chess Psychology in Your Favor and How to use it against Your Opponents !

-- How to use Chess Engines like a Pro !

-- How to Trap your Opponent into his Own Trap ! and Much More ...

You will Start seeing Moves that were Invisible to you earlier . You will be Enjoying and Your Opponents Will be Suffering -- That's why Tailored Lessons are extremely Important for You .

Since I have Found the Way out of this Forest . I know a lot of methods that Works , I am committed to help You improve as well , in less time Learning my Extensive Knowledge and Experience through Personally Tailored Lessons / Interactive Training Games . I am here Saving A Lot of Your Money , Saving Your Months/Years of Time and Energy that you might waste on Non-Productive Methods and Materials .

As there's a Nature's Law : " Survival of the Fittest " We are not left with a ton of choices , We have to keep on Improving to avoid getting Outdated/Outsmarted/Outplayed or Eliminated .

The Knowledge you acquire here will make you a Great Chess player but also , The way you think and take actions in Life will get to next Levels . Your Efficiency will Sharpen substantially . 

Most important thing is My Genuine Interest in Your Improvement . I work more than 2-4 Hours before our Lesson if Needed . I am very motivated and have Very Strong will to push You Improve . I will surely Coach you If you are Genuinely willing to improve . Thank you .

** Unlimited Lessons : Negotiable /200++Rating Increment Guaranteed -- Even if Dinosaurs come Alive!

** For Below 1600 Rated Players : Negotiable /500++Rating Increment Guaranteed ! -- Even if Dinosaurs would play Chess Online !

** For Below 1000 Rated Players : Negotiable /1000++Rating Increment Guaranteed ! -- Even if Dinosaurs would play in front of you !

** If You Promise to Put in Your Best Effort for Learning and Improving, then Unlimited Lessons come with Money Back Guarantee for You ! We Reach Our Target Rating , If not , Money gets Refunded !

** Book your Slot Before All slots get Filled and Price gets Doubled/Tripled **

I'm available on Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom/Google Meet . Message me on / email me . Now , All in One Integrated -- My e-mail , Hangouts and PayPal e-mail is . Book 2h/10h/20h/Unlimited Lessons using PayPal . ThankYou!

My PayPal email :

My Youtube Channel :

My Twitch Channel :

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